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Hearing Aid Parts .co.UK
Parts for a typical RIC (Receiver in the ear canal) hearing aid...
Receiver / wire / Loudspeaker Change once a year for optimal performance.
Domes These can discolour over time. Change when the dome starts to ‘yellow’. Also change after each wax guard change.
Batteries From only £1.29 per 6.
Parts for ITE / ITC / CIC / IIC  (in the ear, in the canal, completely in the canal, invisible in the canal)
Wax guards Change when the sound quality drops. 
Typical BTE (older NHS, and more severe hearing losses) & Open fit hearing aids (newer NHS aids, a cheaper form than RIC)
IIC  (about 40% smaller than a CIC)
ITE  (size 312 or 13)
ITC (312 battery)
Other / Advanced consumables
Sports lock / Retention lock This holds your aid securely in your ear, even if you are playing sport etc. Replace when it discolours / distorts / kinks.
CIC  (size 10 battery)
Don’t forget to clean the tip every day
And your drying kit!
Don’t forget to clean the tip every day
And your drying kit!
Don’t forget to clean the tip every day
And your drying kit!
Official parts for all makes
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“If you wear hearing aids, I’m sure you’ll find everything you need here”
We are a Worldwide Supplier of official hearing aid parts in over 50 countries. Based in the UK, our registered audiologists have over 22 years’ experience in helping our patients hear better. Trust us with your hearing aid consumable needs AND save a fortune on hearing aid repairs and expensive extended warranties / insurance plans. You can buy parts here that are not available elsewhere. In many cases, you’ll be able to repair or modify your hearing aid for a fraction of your supplier’s price.
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Here’s some examples of how we helped other people: PB bought an earhook from us for £8.99. Her original supplier quoted £149 for the same thing. We repaired a cracked shell on a hearing aid that was said to be ‘unrepairable’ - for £69. Badly fitted or positioned sports/ retention locks cause loss of sound quality in background noise. We stock spare sets from £5. We have sold thousands of receiver wires allowing patients to renovate or fix their RIC aids. 99% of faults with this most popular type relate to the receiver wire. Free email advice - send your query to us at info@hearingaidparts.co.uk Learn about all the parts we can help with: See below.....
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